AIM Worldwide stands for Artificial Insemination Management Worldwide. We are an international organisation focused on semen production to optimise reproduction and gene transport in the swine industry. It specialises in services and management support for AI and AI stations throughout the world.

AIM Worldwide provides a valuable knowledge base for AI stations to access.


The research programme focuses on:

Boar and sow fertility characteristics

Semen quality parameters


Insemination techniques


Our mission is to improve swine reproduction and efficient boar use. We are directly involved in the annual production and sales of over 15 million doses of semen. These are all produced according to the AIM Worldwide quality standards and procedures.

Customers of AI stations within the AIM Worldwide system can be confident that:

  • Semen is of the highest quality on many levels. It is the best genetic and technical quality, produced with newest technology under high biosecurity and strict hygienic semen collection protocols.
  • Staff is highly educated and trained professionals. They constant evaluate production with advanced semen assessment and they work with strict quality assurance protocols.
  • Semen is processed, filled and shipped with the best materials and high quality equipment.
  • Order processing and distribution is done with high care and under constant quality control.
  • After sales service is of the highest level. Analysis of fertility parameters, employee training on the job, fine tuning of insemination protocols and fertility management are just a few examples.

Knowledge and expertise are the spearheads of our enterprise. Specialists for semen processing and reproduction guide our partners in our chain of knowledge that leads to improvements in the quality and efficiency of all AI aspects. This results in a higher number of live-born piglets and a higher farrowing rate.

AIM Worldwide is a sister company of Topigs Norsvin, one of the largest companies in the world in swine genetics, Our leading R&D position in this field is due to our high standards in reproduction and AI that are driven by the application of economic and quality improving measures.