AIM Worldwide provides support to our partners with the latest insights into setting up and running an AI station including:

  • specialist visits providing direct advice and online support
  • laboratory layouts and operating procedures
  • training of staff, on the spot if needed
  • Boar stud AI management software
  • PigSis software to achieve the best moment for insemination
  • insight into the latest research and development results via an annual seminar with a group of leading managers of AI stations from around the world
  • quality control via a newly designed audit system
  • Solusem extender for maximum on-farm fertility results
  • reduced prices for consumables


We cover everything from quarantine to insemination, and our expertise includes topics such as:

  • boar housing
  • biosecurity measures
  • boar stud management
  • laboratory layouts and operating procedures
  • quality control
  • establishing logistic systems
  • enhancing on-farm fertility results